The Rainy Day Fund works to eliminate barriers to housing/employment by assisting those who are legal system involved (or at risk) with costs associated with obtaining work, securing identification, restoration of rights, court costs, basic care and other physical needs.

Did You Know?

Before someone can get a job, collect Social Security benefits or get some other government services a person must have $25 ready to spend on paperwork.

South Carolina Birth Certificate

Identification Card

Your donation helps provide…

Business Services

Cost of replacing an ID is $10

Medical Aid

Prescription re-fills cost between $12-30

Legal Aid

The Fifth Judicial Circuit Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI) costs $100 to apply plus an additional $25 fee for an initial drug test.


Average cost of one outfit: pants, shirt, underwear, jacket, socks           is $60


One night in a motel costs $73

..for those in need

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